The Magic Secret to Happiness

Any information on how to live a happy life has grabbed many hearts and souls with excitement and expectation, but results often fall short. Why? It is because we miss the target in identifying the cause for unhappiness. How come we cannot identify the cause for unhappiness? It is because our society has been flooded, haunted, and controlled by the false or distorted information from hypocrisy and commercialism which deliver something politically correct and exaggerate the value of events and items for transactions respectively. As a result, we fail to hear and know what we need to know but oftentimes only what we like, love, and want to hear, and naturally we miss the points to the causes for the concern and problem in life.

So, to be happy or unhappy is up to us. Commonsense tells us that right decision with right action generates happiness. As a rule and understanding, behind an act comes its motive, i.e., the need. Need for what? Need to bring in something spiritual or physical or both to fill the emptiness of craving hearts at the time, the place, and the circumstance. Then an action takes place at a reasonable time in a reasonable way to materialize personal wishes needing something.

The result of an action varies, maybe either above or equal to or below expectation or in between. As expected, if the result comes above expectation, the actor feels satisfied, happy, and even exulted, depending upon who the actor is, leading to how the actor digests that emotional reward from the action; if equal to expectation, the actor feels comfortable or so-so; if below expectation, the mood of disappointment, frustration, stress, and even depression may creep and set in to control the actor’s life, temporarily or permanently, relying on who the actor is and how the actor can assimilate it. In reality, the outcome of an action oftentimes fall in between, this fact conforms to the notion: Every life event presents itself as a process or pattern of full spectrum.

The result of action reflects the quality and quantity of actor’s energy and ability in decision-making and action-executing. The higher the energy and ability are, the better the outcome will be, and the more satisfied the actor will become, or vice versa. Hence, the quality and quantity of energy and ability dictate the outcome of action. Where do the energy and ability come from? Experience has told us that the energy and ability come from the actor’s inside, not from outside such as medication, surgery, or someone. How can we find the required energy and ability to deliver the desirable action with the result which better suits our expectation?

Based on the above understanding, we can easily deduce what we should do to live a happy life as follows:

1. Capturing and accepting the facts of life:

  • Life is a one-way street of accumulation, modification, and continuation from inception to eternity.
  • Life is a constantly changing, adjusting, dynamic process of self-service.
  • A success in managing various relations which range from the smallest and most primitive one with personal life to the widest and most sophisticated one with the world, brings about happiness.
  • Sufficient energy and ability are the prerequisites to succeed in sensing right need, making right decision, and delivering right action to bring in high quality spiritual and physical values to meet personal spiritual and physical need at right time, place, and circumstance.

2. Practice high quality direct self-service to surely generate a high level of energy and ability as follows:

  • Eat, enjoy, and control foods; don’t let foods control us.
  • Make sure to have quality mental and physical exercise with no overindulgence and obsession every day.
  • Have a good 6-/8-hour resting sleep every day.
  • Practice meditation to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious.
  • Follow reasonable, realistic, medical advices as needed.

Now, everything we need comes together and emerges to forge and live a happy life; we take over the control of life to ourselves from someone and something around us.

Is that simple? Yes, of course, but it may not be easy for some. If such mental woe and block happen in practicing direct self-service, please mull over the following:

  • Nothing is free; everything comes with price.
  • Only time and life are truly priceless and irreplaceable, and only the passage of both is truly forever, not diamonds as commercially promoted.
  • There is no other regimen better than what described above – direct self-service.
  • No one else can do for us, but ourselves, not medication and procedure alone.

Besides facing and overcoming the reality of life, does anyone have better options? If any, please bring it forward for discussion and scrutiny and for sharing. I wish more people live a truly happy life.

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