How To Have A Happy Beginning

Happiness can be elusive. It takes a few simple elements. If an endeavor is too easy, it will not make you happy. If it’s too expensive, happiness is dashed. If you are given the right tools and opportunity, then, happiness is easily within your grasp.

A great endeavor, whether a new job, or a new business opportunity, or almost any worthwhile enterprise, should not be classified as “easy”. To begin something new should be at least some challenge to you. “New” and “easy” do not go together. If you want easy, spend a lot of time playing “solitare” or laying on the couch watching television. “Easy” is for relaxing, not jumping into a great new endeavor.

It was very disillusioning when I found a program, touted on the radio, and discovered that I would need to make a hefty investment. It did not entail one investment, but continued investments over and over again with possibly nothing to show for my efforts. I was at a point in life where I couldn’t afford to make an investment of any kind. Happiness is receiving an income for work completed without making heavy investments that go into someone else’s pocket.

While all our endeavors depend on many factors, happiness is knowing what to do. If you have no training, you are at an extreme disadvantage. What I love about life these days is there is an abundance of educational and training opportunities. You can for example, get great training from the comfort of your home. For example, you can discover the ins and outs of business at your own speed. After you know what to do, your success is largely based on how much time you put into your endeavor and how well you follow what you know.

Whatever you decide to do in life, happiness is a worthwhile goal and, dare I say, it should be your expectation. We should not expect happiness from something touted as “easy” because there is no real accomplishment to be gained. We, also, should not have to make extremely heavy investments that offers no guarantee of returns. Heavy investments usually only empty our pockets. We do need to be willing and ready to accept training or other educational opportunities to help us get started in whatever new enterprise we have chosen. With a great challenge, no heavy investment, and the right training, you will be ready for a happy new beginning. Happiness is easily within your grasp.

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