Forget The Mistake Remember The Lesson

Forget the mistakes, remember the lessons. In other words, don’t obsess about the stupid thing you did, but rather how you came to make that stupid mistake in the first place. Whatever the underlying factors that cause those mistakes, consider them to be the lessons to avoid making the same mistakes again.

A lot of people are driven by fear of mistakes which results to blame-games, inertia and resistance to change. It is said that the more mistakes a man makes, the more new things he/she will try. Learning from a mistake enables a man to make innovations which are products of trial and error.

In fact, it is wrong to punish honest mistakes especially in the pursuit for personal development. Wisdom and personal growth comes from the times when we committed mistakes and learnt from them. As a matter of fact, our wisdom and personal growth are developed not during our success but during the failures that we experienced in life.

We don’t typically know the actions we made are a mistake until those actions are completed. The outcome of those actions made us realize we have made a mistake. Consequences of past mistakes often make us afraid of stepping out our comfort zone and try again. Dwelling our past mistakes can paralyze us.

Remember, nothing in life is worthwhile unless we take risks. When we think and live outside our comfort zone, we grow! Failure is inevitable but trying is important.
The chances we take may seem trivial in the short run. Stop behaving like the world is against us.

Far too many of us live by the choices we made in the past. This shouldn’t be the case. After all, each new day presents an opportunity to become a new person. But there are valuable lessons to be learned from it. Consider the lessons we can learn from our past.

We all have weaknesses that when left unaddressed limit our potential for impact and significance. A lot of people have inspired us to become better versions of ourselves. But we all learn differently. Understanding our deepest drive is tough. It requires patience, and consistent self-assessment. But the more we discover why we do the things we do, the easier it is for us to make the most of the present.

We all face different circumstances. We are given the perfect opportunity to start over again. Despite our best efforts, things don’t work out for us. So, we need to learn from our mistakes because there are lessons in our failures, and use what we’ve learned to improve our odds of success in the future.

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