Gidleigh Park – A Beautiful Hotel -Chagford, Devon, England

There is an impressive hotel in Chagford England, with all amazing and fantastic beauty named as Gidleigh. The artistic and stylish architecture of its outer and inner designing is really appreciable. The hotel possesses an astonishing atmosphere. The staff is dedicated, professional, educated and very energetic they are extremely helpful and friendly with their guests. There are several services which hotel offers. Laundry service is also available, and there is free internet access.

There are 24 beautifully designed rooms; they have different style and texture. There can also be arranged iPod docking station on demand. French style is prominent in the designing of the windows and they look amazingly marvelous. Gidleigh hotel has beautiful bathrooms with all provisions; they are tiled clean, and designed nicely. There is fantastic architecture concept used in the interior. French style is more prominent. The curtains and fabrics also have natural color scheming. The outer region of the hotel is amazing. Guests spend their evenings

The restaurant of the hotel serves delicious foods, there are almost 10 different dishes are cooked every day. The taste and the ingredients of the food is extremely delicious. The newly appointed, Chef Michael Wignall properly manages everything in the restaurant and cooks amazing food in Italian and French tastes. He also introduces various tastes of Chinese food. Sometimes Asian foods are also introduced on request. The management of hotel is very cooperative. They bring different innovative entertainment and fun programs for their guests. There is also an allowance for the disabilities, but the children below than 8-years are not accepted.