Gidleigh Park Hotel -Chagford, Devon, England

Gidleigh is an amazing hotel for spending holidays; it is covered with complete greenery and stylishly designed. The designing is very artistic and depicts the natural beauty. The atmosphere of the hotel is amazing. There is laundry service and free Wi-Fi. The services of the hotel is charming and attractive. The staff is energetic and knowledgeable. They are always ready to help their guests in all ways.

The rooms are twenty-four and all of them have the individual style and design, entire rooms are contrarily decorated in English-Style. There is also an availability of iPod docking stations on request. The windows of the rooms are French styled. And their decoration is marvelous. The bathrooms of the beautiful Gidleigh hotel are artistically designed in French Chic. In the rooms there are marvelous bathrooms, they are tiled and equipped with all necessities. The overall interiors of the hotel are also artistically designed with different. There is a bar and gym for the guests.

The menus are always rich in taste, there are almost ten different dishes are prepared in the restaurant. Chef Michael Wignall is a new head chef in the restaurant, who cooks delicious French food and also introduces famous chines dishes. Some food also has Asian taste. This hotel is still in progress of growing and this is the reason there they don’t allow kids under eight years. For the families there are unlimited facilities with fun programs. They also organize events and programs on individual’s request. There is also a limited access for the disabilities.