Villa d’Este – A Beautiful Hotel At Italy Lake.

Villa d’Este Hotel is considered to be the best and professional hotels in Italy. It was 1873, when this hotel was commenced. In the 16th century, it was built for the purpose of spending summer vocations. Later on, Princess Caroline owned it. She was the wife of the future George IV. People, who love classic places, always come to spend their beautiful days in Villa d’Este Hotel. The lacks are attractive and pleasant greenery can be viewed from the terrace of the hotel. Peaceful natural scenes of the hotel relax the mind and soul.

Its location is very calm and peaceful, not at very far distance from Como. It is situated on the lake shore. Beautiful gardens and greenery is surrounding Villa d’Este Hotel. It is not only traditional but very elegant also. There is a huge terrace and an amazing water pool. Staff of the hotel delivers all services to the guests. Villa d’Este Hotel is very appealing; therefore lots of workers are working there for decades. All the staff is very supportive in every matter. They will make your day good with their positive attitude. They take a good care of their guests. Facilities are sports club, spa, indoor pools, fitness center, tennis court, sailing and watersports on the lake. Main cardinal building contains almost 152 rooms and their interior designing is very unique, all the rooms are decorated with classical taste. You will see the glimpses of 19th century designing in the hotel’s interior. Hallways are very wide and beautiful corridors are peaceful.

Guests are offered breakfast and formally grills as well. In the hotel, there are two restaurants. Where guest are served best foods, there is also delicious classical Italian food for the customers. Lake fish is appreciated more by the people. In the bar, most of the evenings, live music is played. This is very charming palace for gathering, there are two further outdoor bars. Another bar is situated near the pool. If you like to have glamour, fabulous services and very peaceful place to spend time then The Villa d’Este Hotel is a great choice.