Al Ponte Mocenigo Hotel – Venice Italy

Al Ponte Mocenigo is very convenient for the train station but from the major sights and sceneries there is much distance. But the area is very delightful for the groups who want to spend their holidays in a beautiful place. Rooms are stylish and beautiful. Furniture is present in antique-style with amazing and glowing color scheming. Comfortable beds and services are remarkable in the hotel. Around the attractive courtyard, there are almost ten rooms located. There are almost eight rooms which are very attractive and appealing in their interior designing and furnishing.

Walls of the rooms are painting and decorated with the antique cultural style. They are ancient but still very charming. Annexes of eight rooms have the contemporary look and equipped with all the latest furniture and paint. These rooms contain Turkish style baths, front desk facilities and a bar. The owners of the Al Ponte hotel are Sandro and Walter. They are very skillful and knowledgeable. Information and references are delivered with countless fascination. There are large and attractive rooms in the hotel. Seven suites are beautiful designed with unique style. Green color in rich shades is used as the color scheme. There is also a beautiful combination of red, gold and green color. There is also a whirlpool bath and tiny balcony in these seven rooms. In the next door, there are further ten rooms; all of them are also decorated in the same way.

Whenever the weather turn to be romantic, the guests are served breakfast in the courtyard. They are also served fresh fruits with yummy pastries in the ground floor of the hotel. The staff of the hotel is energetic and gentle. They have knowledge of nearby places. If you would like to have some tour around outside the hotel, then staff will thoroughly guide you about such places where you can have a best time to spend. Especially in the evening, the sight of gardens and natural beauty becomes mesmerizing. You can have a great time to spend in this time. During the season, the price of the hotel rises but it is affordable in other days.