Cima Rosa Hotel – (Boutique Bed & Breakfast ) Venie, Italy

Every one of us always looks for a gorgeous, tranquil and peaceful place to spend holidays. we also want that place equipped with all amenities and supplies. Cima Rosa hotel is really that ideal place where we can find all of these facilities just in one place. The north of the city venice is beautiful where this charming hotel is located. There are many professional and comfortable services for the visitors. There is also an energetic and professional female staff for welcoming the guests. Windows of the hotel open towards the stunning scene where water boats can be seen. Overall building of the hotel Cima Rosa is covered with amazing scenes. This amazing natural beauty makes the stay at hotel more comfortable and peaceful.

The female staff of the hotel is very energetic and professional, they are extremely knowledgeable too. Before arriving at the hotel, the staff is so efficient to give them all the details of booking and reservations before entering in the hotel. After arriving at the hotel, the visitors are warmly welcomed by the professional female staff. Italian decoration style is prominent in 5 rooms of the hotel, which as different taste of designing than other rooms. They have separate facilities and separate bathrooms. Combination of traditional and latest designing brings uniqueness in the interior of the hotel. There are living rooms on the ground-floors. And most of the time breakfast is served in the living rooms.

There are various activity programs, courses and fun things for the guests. It makes them very happy. There is also proper safety for the women to go out alone. The staff is extremely pleasant in welcoming people of outsiders whether they are coming alone or with their families. Comfortable accommodation, delicious foods and remarkable services are the delightful concerns of the hotel. The noise of water boats sometime is annoyed. Those who are light-sleepers may find some trouble because of this noise. Those two-bed rooms in the hotel can also have some spaces for more beds. The behavior of staff is very friendly and professional, you will feel as if you are at home.