Cima Rosa Boutique Bed & Breakfast – Venie, Italy

Off course you will love to have a delightful place where you spend your holidays and have a good breakfast and meal with lots of facilities. Cima Rosa makes this dream come ture. They offer elegant services and comfortable place to their guests. Around the cornor from San Stae vaporetto stop, there is a bridge, where Cima Rosa is located in the north. Surround by many appealing sights. The water boat traffic can also be viewed through the windows of the hotel. The atmosphere of the hotel is so appealing that the guests often visit Cima Rosa hotel time to time. There is also a female team to welcome guests, this make them feel home.

The mixture of ancient and modern interior design makes the hotel beauty different and unique. Five rooms of the hotels are designed in the Italian style where the Italian architect with traditional techniques is utilized. Rooms have separate bathrooms. On the entrance there is an adorable courtyard. On the ground-floor there are living rooms. Breakfast is served in the morning there. There is also constant supply of biscuits a little kitchen for coffee and tea, which is reserved for the guests. There is enthusiasm and energy among the staff, female staff is extremely knowledgeable and active. These staff gives complete guidance to their guests before their arrival at the hotel, once they come, female staff deal them professionally and give them complete knowledge related to the hotel and services.

There are tours and courses for the restaurants conducted. It let the guests feel pleasant. Women are safe if they travel alone. Warm welcome is everyone whether they arrive alone or with their families. In Grand Canal living or dining room, fresh, health, and gorgeous breakfast is offered. Guests also have an access towards a small kitchen, where they can keep their food and drinks. There is a small trouble for the light-sleepers, because the traffic in the early morning may disturb you. In the suits of two beds, arrangement of extra beds is also possible. All the professional and elegant services will make you feel home.