Corte di Gabriela Hotel –Venice, Italy

Unique in style, different in color scheming and particular in designs are the quality of this beautiful hotel Corte Di Gabriela. There are serious and bright designs in every interior. Corte di Gabriela is situated in the central and just fifteen minute walk from St Mark. The stop of St Angelo is very close to it. But you have to be very careful about the bridge that lies before the hotel. The look of the hotel is stylish and extremely creative. Furniture designing is awesome and precious material is used in the construction. Color scheming is eye-catching and enhances the beauty of the hotel.

Atmosphere of the hotel is very charming and peaceful. The arrangement of everything in the hotel Corte di Gabriela is professional and clean. Beautiful interior is very pleasant and fascinating. There are various in the 10 suits but they are identical in the comforts and the styles. Their decoration is attractive. On the second floor the rooms has terraces and balconies which are tiny but very pleasant. There is also a circular bed on the first floor. All the rooms have decorated with equipped bathrooms which are always clean. There are grand pianos, indoors and living rooms. Light and romantic music is also arranged for the guests to enjoy their stay. The hotel is small but still there is a lift.

Staff is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. They organize everything in a professional and effectual way. Paola Navone is a furnished place where people spend their time to have some mind peace and relaxation. Corte guests the breakfast is much highlighted. They offer tea, coffee and snacks. Meal is always delicious. Restaurants are superb in their cooking techniques. Local meal with delicious ingredients is cooked for the guests. Families with children are allowed, but they don’t accept children below than 16 years age. Up to four people can sleep in one apartment. There are no specific games and entertainment tools for the children. But all the adults are entertained through various facilities. There is internet access and laundry service. Efficient staff is always active to help their guests.